About our free horse racing tips and betting advice

The AccaDoo horse racing experts have been involved the horse racing betting industry for more than 20 years.

We use the extensive knowledge gained in that time to bring you the very best horse racing tips and betting advice.

We understand that the horse racing betting industry can be very confusing.

So we have put together these AccaDoo horse racing betting FAQs to help you on your journey to making money from horse racing betting.

What types of horse racing bet are there?

The modern horse racing betting industry is a paradise for punters.

There are all kinds of bets to be had, ranging from the standard single bet to match bets, distance betting, betting without favourite markets and many more.

Our horse racing bet of choice is the accumulator, known as the accas, but we’ll discuss that in more detail later.

For more information on the types of horse racing bets available, please visit our dedicated horse racing betting information page.

What type of horse racing bet does AccaDoo advise?

The clue is in the name!

AccaDoo was founded to provide the best horse racing betting tips and advice to enable you to build the accas that can make you money.

We hunt out the best horse racing bets from around the world every day.

How you use our horse racing tips and betting advice is up to you, but we advise putting our selections together in an acca to really maximise the value of each bet.

Every day we provide selections for a trixie (three horses), a daily double (two horses) and a single big-priced outsider.

You can stick to our selections and follow the pre-loaded betslips provided on each horse racing betting page to get your bet on.

Or, if you’re feeling really brave, you can combine all of our selections together in a monster six-horse accas.

When do you post your horse racing tips?

The AccaDoo horse racing experts provide horse racing tips and betting advice every day, 365 days a year.

We scour the racecards the night before and post our bets the evening before our selections are due to run.

That allows you to take full advantage of our horse racing tips by securing the best early prices.

We also update our tips throughout the day in the build up to the races, in case there are non-runners.

So be sure to check in regularly to get the most up-to-date horse racing betting tips available.

Do your horse racing tips just cover daily racing?

No. We do provide horse racing betting tips every day of the week, but we also provide antepost betting advice too.

This is for races that will take place months from now.

The reason we do this is because the horse racing antepost markets offer fantastic value.

We have tipped up winners in the Grand National months in advance, for example.

We have picked up bets of 25/1 and 33/1 on a Grand National winner that went off at 14/1 on the day.

Those sort of returns make antepost betting a very profitable enterprise, and so we regularly post long-range horse racing tips and betting advice alongside our daily tips. Be sure to check in on our horse racing tips page regularly to keep up-to-date on all our antepost horse racing betting advice.

How much do I have to pay for your horse racing tips?

Absolutely nothing. Unlike many sites out there, the AccaDoo racing experts offer you their knowledge free of charge. We firmly believe that you should not have to pay for horse racing tips and betting advice.

Which bookmaker should I place my horse racing bets with?

Which betting company you choose to bet with is up to you, but the AccaDoo horse racing experts advise that you do not limit yourself to one account.

The difference in prices offered by the various bookmaking firms is huge sometimes, especially on the big races like the Derby, Grand National or Gold Cup. If you stick to one bookmaker you are stuck with their prices, and the selection that you have backed at 5/1 may be available at 10/1 elsewhere.

To get around this, the AccaDoo horse racing betting experts advise that you open as many accounts with as many different bookmakers as you can. That way you’ll have access to the best prices and get the most value from our horse racing tips. You’ll also have your pick of the various sign up bonuses to play with too! Visit our free bets page to see best bookmakers to place your horse racing bets with.

Can I use my free bets to bet on horse racing?

Yes. That is the best use of them, because horse racing offers the best value bets out there. Visit our exclusive free bets page to view the best sign up deals on the internet, then start building your accas. There is no better way to bet than with someone else’s money!