The AccaDoo football betting team love betting on Scottish football.

And our Scottish football betting tips have been among our best performing football bet tips.

Obviously, the Scottish Premier League is where most of the media focus is.

And our Scottish Premier League betting tips have performed well.

But our tips for the lower divisions of Scottish football – Scottish Championship, Scottish League 1, Scottish League 2, the Highland League and Lowland League – have done even better.

The structure of the league season in Scottish football – the small divisions, play-offs and mid-season divisional splits – makes for action that is always competitive, with teams always having something to play for.

This makes for ample betting opportunities, with decent odds on offer for match bets and goals bets, and a high chance of big returns.

Do your Scottish football betting tips focus on single matches or accas?

While it would be possible to make a profit backing Celtic to win every week, the returns would be small and you’d soon get bored.

Instead, the AccaDoo football stats division analyses every match in Scottish football.

They find the best Scottish football betting tips.

These are the teams statistically most likely to win, lose, score or concede, and how many goals they are likely to score/concede.

The stats division then pass that information on to our team of Scottish football betting experts.

They decide which are the best value bets. That is: the bets with both the highest chance of success and the best return on investment.

These bets are then put together into accas to maximise that return.

When do you post your Scottish football betting tips?

We post our Scottish football betting tips whenever a profitable betting opportunity presents itself.

This will mostly be when there is a full fixture list – more games to choose from makes for increased betting opportunities – and so Saturdays, Sundays, and those days with midweek matches will be most likely to see us post new Scottish football betting tips.

Make the most of the AccaDoo football experts’ Scottish football betting tips with one of our exclusive free bet offers.