The AccaDoo football betting experts have long extolled the virtues of betting on German football.

We have returned very decent profits from our German football betting tips in the last few seasons.

Bayern Munich have been very dependable in recent seasons, but, Bayern aside, the German top flight is very competitive and provides ample betting opportunities.

The AccaDoo football statisticians have also found that the goals-per-game ratios of the German top divisions are among the highest in Europe.

This means there are also plenty of over/under goals bets and both teams to score bets in our German football betting tips.

What divisions in the German League do your German football betting tips focus on?

The main focus of the AccaDoo German football betting tips is, of course, the Bundesliga.

It is one of the most competitive divisions in Europe.

And it provides plenty of match betting opportunities and goals betting opportunities too.

However, the AccaDoo German football betting tips also include matches from the German second divisions – the Bundesliga 2 – and the third division – the Liga.

Our statistical analysis division crunches through match data from all three divisions.

This informs our betting team of certain trends and patterns that emerge.

The betting team then use that intelligence to come up with the best value bets.

These bets then make up our German football betting tips.

The results of this procedure have been good.

Our German football tips returning a very decent profit in the last few seasons.

When are our German football betting tips posted?

German football runs along the same time frames as British football.

Most of the games on Saturdays and Sundays and a few midweek dates.

Our German football betting tip dovetails with the fixture list.

When there are more games on, there are more betting opportunities.

So that is when we post most of our German football betting tips.

However, if there is just a single bet on a German football match then we will often put that bet into our European football acca with the other best bets from the continent’s action.