The AccaDoo football betting experts have had a long and happy betting relationship with our French football betting tips.

We have found it to provide the most consistent set of betting results.

The structure of the French league’s top flight, with it having a core of three to four sides capable of winning the league and the rest usually being of very equal ability, makes it ideal to bet on with the right betting strategy.

The AccaDoo football experts have returned decent profits for the last two seasons by betting on the French league.

And we are expecting more of the same with our French football betting tips now.

Do your French football betting tips just focus on the top flight?

Most of our French football betting tips will be focussed on the French top flight, or Ligue 1.

This is because it has very predictable outcomes – which creates some very nice betting returns.

The AccaDoo football stats division has a team of analysts that examine data from every match in Europe.

They have found the French Ligue 1 to be one of the most consistent in terms of results.

That’s not to say we won’t provide French football betting tips for Ligue 2 or lower, however. If a good betting opportunity presents itself from LIgue 2, it would be foolish to ignore it.

When will you post your French football betting tips?

Unlike in the UK, football seems to be much more confined to the weekends in France.

This is changing, due to the demands of television and betting companies, and more midweek matches are starting to creep into the schedule.

Our French football betting tips follow the fixture list – so if they play on weekends, that’s when we will post our French football betting tips.

However, if there is just one fixture in midweek, you may find a French football betting tip mixed in with our popular European football acca.