Make the most of these Europa League betting tips with one of our exclusive free bet offers.

The AccaDoo football betting team have a lot of time for the Europa League.

Though it is often derided as the poor relation to the Champions League – and rightly so, because that’s exactly what it is – it also provides some pretty decent football in its own right, and has grown as a competition in recent seasons.

It also provides us with something to bet on on a Thursday.

And quite often those bets will be winners, because the Europa League is very, very predictable.

There are big teams in this competition, and they are often matched with teams most have never heard of.

Those sorts of miss-matches make for ideal betting opportunities.

And those are the type of matches upon which the AccaDoo Europa League betting tips usually focus.

Are your Europa League betting tips just win/lose on match bets?    

Most of our Europa League betting tips will be match bets only – that is, betting on a particularly team to win or lose a particular fixture.

Experience has taught us that these bets are more successful than any other, with the highest profit yield.

However, when the statistics dictate that a game will be particularly high scoring, then we will also post Europa League betting tips that focus on number of goals, over/under goals bets or both teams to score bets.

When do you post your Europa League betting tips?

This is such an easy one to answer in this section.

Our UK football tips will be posted most days of the week because of the almost continuous diet of football in England.

But the Europa League is confined to one day of the week.

Most of the action is on Thursdays, and that is when we will post of most of our bets.

We have noticed that there are occasional Europa League games played on Wednesdays now.

But if it does we will start posting Europa League betting tips on those nights too.

If there are odd games by themselves we will often include them in accas with our Champions League bets or other Europan accas.