The AccaDoo football betting experts have enjoyed tons of success with our Dutch football betting tips.

The big three teams – Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV Eindhoven – are usually a cut above the rest of the Dutch top flight, and this makes for a level of predictability that has created some very successful betting patterns over the last few seasons.

Being one of Europe’s smaller leagues also means it flies under the radar to a certain extent.

And it is not unusual to find some very good value bets on offer from those bookies offering markets on Dutch football.

How do you come up with your Dutch football betting tips?

The AccaDoo European football betting team consists of two divisions.

We have a statistical analysis unit and the betting strategy unit.

The statistical analysis division comb through reams of match data from virtually every league in Europe.

They look for statistical trends to inform our betting strategy.

The information they create is then passed to the betting strategy unit.

It enables them to find the most successful Dutch football betting tips.

Do your Dutch football betting tips only focus on the Dutch top flight?

Most of our Dutch football betting tips do focus on the Eredivisie.

However, we do occasionally post Dutch football betting tips for the Eerste Divisie, or Dutch second divisions, too.

There are leagues lower than that, but very few British bookies offer markets on these divisions.

S0 we don’t usually recommend Dutch football betting tips containing games from these divisions.

When do you post your Dutch football betting tips?   

Dutch football is the same as British football in that the majority of matches take place on a Saturday and Sunday.

And there are occasional mid-week fixtures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We will publish our tips on these days when there is a full fixture list to choose from.

This is because the greater number of matches allow more betting opportunities.

If there is only one Dutch football bet to be had on a given day, we will often include that bet in our European football acca.