Profitable punting is not a myth. The AccaDoo crew has been working in the sports betting industry for more than 20 years and, in our opinion, there has never been a better time to be a punter. Veteran members of the AccaDoo team can remember when the only way to gamble was at racecourses or at smoke-filled high street bookies shops that smelled like urine. In those days we took bad odds and made bad bets because we didn’t have any choice: it was a case of bet on what was in front of you or don’t bet at all.

But, just as in every other walk of life, the internet has changed everything. Online gambling has created an incredibly competitive and vibrant betting industry, with bookies falling over themselves to give the most competitive odds on an ever-increasing range of markets. Mobile betting has made placing a bet easier than ever, and the range of free bet offers out there today mean you don’t even have to bet with your own money.

Seems like you can’t go wrong, right? Well, not exactly. While it is undoubtedly a good time to be a punter, it is worth keeping in mind that gambling is still gambling. While sports betting isn’t a game of chance like tossing a coin, results for even the shrewdest of punters do not always go your way and there will be times that it seems you can’t pick a winner for love nor money (yours or someone else’s).

Help with profitable punting

That is where the AccaDoo crew come in. We scour the betting markets every day so you don’t have to, hunting out the best value bets and giving you the best chance of securing a profitable return. But providing the information is only one stage of the process – how you use the information we provide is up to you, and in order to help you make the best and most profitable use of our daily and long-range betting tips we have devised our five key tips to profitable punting:

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1) Get them all

Would you buy a loaf of bread in one shop for £2 when the shop next door was selling exactly the same loaf for £1? Of course you wouldn’t, and the same should go for betting. Why would you back your football or horse racing fancy with one firm who are offering a price of 2/1 when another firm is offering odds of 3/1 on the same selection?

The solution to this problem is obvious: you must open accounts with as many betting firms as you can. Not only will you then get the best odds available on your selection, but you’ll also get a load of sign-up bonuses to play with as well.

The AccaDoo boys recommend visiting our tailored bookmaker sign-up page, where we have collated the best bookmaking sites offering the best odds and sign up bonuses in one place. Just follow the links and sign up to as many accounts as you can – it will definitely pay off in the long run.

If you're new to betting and after ways to improve your punting AccaDoo guide to profitable punting free betting tips horse racing football betting

2) Find your parachute

Some people like to throw themselves out of planes for fun. The Accadoo crew believe it’s called skydiving. Others think those who throw themselves out of planes are lunatics. These two different attitudes towards the same activity tell us that people have very different attitudes to risk.

Finding out where you sit on the risk spectrum is crucial to profitable betting. Some people will be attracted to smaller single bets, with slim odds and, as such, a greater guarantee of success, while others will be attracted to the riskier, multi-leg accumulators at huge odds that will only win once every now and then.

There is nothing right or wrong about either of these approaches, but finding out which sort of bet suits you best most is key to our next tip.

The AccaDoo crew recommend experimenting with small stakes on a range of different bets to see which one fits you best. The best place to start on the road to profitable punting is AccaDoo’s specialised betting guide pages to get more information on the different type of bets available.

If you're new to betting and after ways to improve your punting AccaDoo guide to profitable punting free betting tips horse racing football sport

3) Knowledge is power

Everyone has something they enjoy, be it football, rugby, horse racing, Formula 1, politics or reality TV shows. What’s great about enjoying something is that you will want to watch as much of it as you can and willingly immerse yourself in all there is to know about that subject. This creates a knowledge database on that subject inside your head that is just waiting to be exploited.

Fortunately, with the explosion in the range of betting markets offered by the bookies today, it’s almost certain that there will be a market somewhere on your specialist subject. That is the market in which you will have an edge over the bookies, and that should be the market you should focus on.

The AccaDoo boys recommend you follow the links to bookie sites on or free bets page to get a full sample of the range of markets available.

If you're new to betting and after ways to improve your punting AccaDoo guide to profitable punting punchestown Festival thursday handicap haymaker horse racing free tips AccaDoo

4) Back yourself

Knowing the style of bet that suits you best and what markets you want to play is one thing, but having enough confidence to bet on your opinions is the next step to profitable punting.

It is important to remember here what you’re up against. The bookmakers are vast operations, who call on experts to help formulate their odds. But we are living in an information age and all of the data that the bookies have access to is also available to you. Where you have an advantage is that in trying to have cover so many betting markets the bookies will inevitably have gaps in their knowledge that can be exploited by someone specialising in one or two markets, like you.

If, for example, you think a horse has an odds-on favourite’s chance but the bookies have priced it up as a 3/1 second favourite, then that is your time to strike. Have the confidence in your opinion and get your bet on. You won’t be right every time, but by following the AccaDoo tips you’ll be right more often that you’ll be wrong.

If you're new to betting and after ways to improve your punting AccaDoo guide to profitable punting free horse racing football tips trixie double betting tips

5) Be the bank manager

The final step to profitable punting is bank management. Knowing how much you’ve got to play with and, crucially, how much you can afford to lose is fundamental to successful betting.

While the amounts will vary from person to person depending on their financial circumstances and personality type – some will be happy to bet thousands on the outcome of a single bet, while others will get nervous over an accumulator that will only cost them a couple of pounds – the principle is the same: you must keep a record of all wins and losses.

This is essential because it will give you a longer-term view on whether your betting strategy is paying off.

We’ve all had weeks where we can do no wrong, where even the outsiders we back come in, but then we’ve also had weeks where we couldn’t buy a winner, as even the odds-on favourites get turned over. Keeping a log of all bets allows you to ignore these fluctuations in your fortunes to get a clearer view about whether you’re strategy is working or needs to be modified in order to achieve long-term profitable punting.

And that’s it, it’s as simple as that. Follow those tips and we think it won’t be too long before you too are turning a healthy profit from sports betting.

May the gambling gods smile down upon you,

The AccaDoo crew

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