Tennis is one of the top sports to bet on in the world because it is all year round and there’s plenty of in-play opportunities. Bookies offer a range of different markets and in this tennis betting guide we will walk you through the AccaDoo top money making options.

If you have any questions about tennis betting that is not covered in this tennis betting guide, please contact us and we will answer your question.

Outright winner
You can place a bet on the outright winner of the whole tournament and you can place an each way bet if you want some insurance. If you place an each way bet, you will get a payout if your player finishes in the top 2 so essentially you are backing a player to reach the final but get better returns if they win. The longer the odds on a player reaching the final, the more us Accadoo folk recommend you get on an each way option.

Match betting
If you think predicting a tournament winner is too hard, predicting the winner of an individual match might be for you, and you can build these into deadly accas – a particular favourite of the AccaDoo tennis betting guide! Tennis is a two-way market meaning you can only have two results, either player 1 wins, or player 2 wins…couldn’t be easier! However, this does normally mean that the odds are lower so match betting is normally done in accumulators to increase the odds. AccaDoo top tip is to load a betslip with as many tennis favourites in the first round of the tournament because they rarely lose.

Set betting
The reason tennis is so popular to bet on is the range of markets available. You can bet on the correct score of tennis matches; this is very much like football or other sports but with tennis the options are limited to 5 sets (for men). All you need to do is predict the score of a match in sets e.g. 3-2 to Federer and if Federer wins 3-2 then you have a winner!
To increase your chances of winning a bet on a set, you can back a player to win just one set. When a game starts you can bet on a player to win the next set or first set. This is good in-play because you can sense where the momentum is going and follow your nose.
You can bet on the total number of sets played, which is often displayed as a 2 way market e.g. over or under 2.5 sets in a game.

Total games
As well as over or under on sets you can do it on games, which opens up the bigger picture. An example of this would be betting on over 30.5 games in a match, if there were 31 or more games, then you would win, if 30 or less then you would lose.

Handicap betting
It is likely, especially in the earlier rounds of a tournament that you will get one player who is much stronger than the other (imagine Murray playing against you and you’re not far off). To even out the betting the bookie will place a handicap on the players, this means the stronger player will start with a minus figure and the weaker player with a plus. These handicap markets can be used to both set and game markets.

Tie breaker
If a set is drawn then the match will go to a tiebreaker. A quick and easy bet is to bet on whether you think there will be a tie breaker in that set or not. So check out the player’s serving record and put a simple yes/no on this two-way market – this will be sure to ramp up the excitement of watching the tiebreaker!

Tennis double result

A good way to boost tennis odds is to bet on a player to win two combined markets, such as a player to win the first set and win the match. For these bets to win, both the events must happen as described in the bet, if just one comes in then your bet will lose and you go home with nothing.

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