The AccaDoo rugby union betting guide contains all the information you need to get started on betting on rugby matches. If there is any information not contained in this rugby union betting guide, please contact us and we will find it for you.

Handicap betting
Bookmakers often put a handicap on rugby union because one side could be much better than the other and the odds wouldn’t be worth betting on. So they will effectively start the stronger team on minus points and the other team on a plus handicap e.g. Saracens – 5. and Wasps + 5. or draw, so if you bet on Saracens to win, they would have to win by 6 or more points to win your bet.

A 2-way market where the bookies will set a total points to be scored in a game line for you to bet under or over.

Match result
A simple 3-way market in which you bet on a team to either win lose or draw.

Draw no bet
Another 2-way market which eliminates the draw and you bet on a team to win the match.

Race to points

A favourite of the rugby union betting guide. This is where bookies set a number of points for this market to bet on. You then place a bet on which team you think will reach that number of points first. Alternatively, if you think that the teams are so defensive that neither team will reach the amount of points set by the bookmaker you can select neither.

Double result
This is a double bet. The first part of the bet is predicting who will have the highest points at half-time in the game and the second part of the bet is predicting the outcome at full time. You need both to come in at the end to win the bet.

Team to score first

Placing a bet on which team will score the first points in the game – might be worth having a look at who is kicking off!

Team who scores first to win the game
A simple ‘yes or no’ bet in which you are betting on whichever team scores first in the game to go on to win the game.

Winning margin
A fun bet to do when one team is much stronger than the other – you bet on how much one team will beat an opponent within normal time of a game.

First scoring play
A good way to get involved in the game early is to bet on either a penalty, try or a drop goal to be the first scoring play.

We all like to see tries in a game and there are many options for betting on tries. You can bet on the exact number of tries within a match, which is usually a case of betting yes/no against the suggested number of tries. Or you can bet on the which team will score the first try in a match or even the time of the first try. Another option is to back the total amount of team tries.
A slightly different bet is to bet on a team scoring three tries in the game without the opposition scoring a try in between.

Highest scoring half
A 3-way market which you bet on which half will contain the highest number of points scored. You can bet on the first half, second half or tie.

Most half points
Backing a team to score the highest number of points in either half of the match.

To win both halves
Another favourite of the rugby union betting guide. This is where you back a team with a ‘yes or no’ to win both the first half and the second half.

This is a double bet in which you must get the first try scorer and the correct result at half time. This bet normally offers high odds because of the difficulty of predicting both right.

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