The AccaDoo horse racing betting guide contains all the information you need to start making money from horse racing betting. However, if there is anything we have missed please get in touch and let us know by clicking here.

The AccaDoo horse racing betting guide is arranged in alphabetical order, and explains the terminology involved in horse racing betting.

Ante-post – These are bats placed well in advance. Often you put an ante-post bet on way before the event to take advantage of bigger odds. There is a risk attached as the horse may not run or get injured so you stand to lose your stake. However, you may be able to take advantage of ‘non runner – no bet (NRNB)’.

Back – To bet on something.

Backed or Backed-in – When a number of bets on a horse see the odds shorten due to the weight of money behind it.

Banker – What we AccaDoo boys deal in, those that have a high chance of winning.

Bar price – Not the price at your local boozer. You’ll often see the prices listed, bar price is the rest of the runners odds.

Betting ring – Where the magic happens, where all the bookies are to take down.

Bismarck – A favourite that the bookmakers do not expect to win or ‘go down’.

Boom – The noise you make when one of your bets lands or your Acca’s come in, usually done at the top of your voice.

Bottle – A term that the AccaDoo Dads use, it means 2/1 apparently.

Burlington Bertie – 100/30. If you want to really sound like you know what you are doing.

Carpet – 3/1. Don’t ask me why this is called this.

Double – Combining two horses to make one bet. Both have to come in to get a return.

Drift or ‘on the drift’ – When a horse is not being backed, the odds go out so the opposite to backed or backed in.

Each-way – When you back a horse to win or place, you put an equal amount on the win and to place.

Favourite or The Fav – The horse with the best chance of winning.

Fixed odd or Taking the Price – You take the odds at the time of your bet and it doesn’t matter if it is backed in or the price shortens.

Forecast – A bet in which you predict the horses that finishes 1st and 2nd. A Reverse (or reversey) Forecast is when you back them to finish 1st or second in either order.

(To) Hedge – To cover yourself with a second bet in the same race, we aren’t big fans of this as we have already picked the winner so why give away more money.

In the money – A warm and happy place for us AccaDoo boys. In racing it means when a horse finishes in the places where punters will get a return on their bet.

Joint-favourites – when the are two or more favourites.

Long-shot (also outsider) – One of the AccaDoo lads specialises in this, picking out horses that are perceived to have little chance but win at big prices. Good for the AccaDoo followers that want to risk smaller stakes.

Monkey – £500. You know ‘I want to stick a monkey on it’.

Nap – The tipsters best selection.

Non Runner – No Bet (NRNB) – It does what it says on the tin, if bookies are offering NRNB then you will get your stake returned to you if your selection doesn’t run, taking the risk out of ante-post betting.

Odds – An easy one for the AccaDoo horse racing betting guide to explain. This is the price put up by the bookmakers that you will get in return for your stake.

Odds-on – Odds of less than even money. A bet where you may outlay more than you get in return. Usually a bit of a banker, for example if a bet is 1/3 on, you have to bet £3 to get £1 plus your stake back so you would end up with £4. There is a high chance you will see a number of odds-on bets in our Acca’s.

On The Nose – A win only bet.

Outlay – The money that you have put down as a bet.

Out of the money – A horse that means the bookmaker keeps your money.

Outsider – Like a longshot but a genuine outsider is the one with the least chance of winning in the bookies eyes.

Place – To finish in the money. For 7 runners or less the places are the first 2. For 8 runners up to 15 runners a place is the top 3. For 16 plus runners a place is in the top four. Sometimes you see bookies pay 5 or 6 places but these are normally in races with massive fields like the Grand National.

Pony – A term in the AccaDoo office for something pretty average i.e. that shirt is pony. In betting terms, it means 25 quid.

Punt – A term for your bet or stake.

Tic-Tac – Have you ever seen bookies making funny hand gestures to each other, this is the ‘language’ they are talking – completely pointless to us punters.

Treble – A bet containing three selections. All three have to come in to get a return.

Tricast – A bet in which you pick the first three home in the right order. A bet only utilised with punters with massive balls.

Trixie – A bet containing three horses, but made up of three doubles and one treble. Only two have to come in to get a return, but all three is money central.

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