Our golf betting guide explains all the golf betting markets, including how they work and how to bet on them. However, if there is anything that we’ve missed please get in touch and let us know by clicking here.

Win outright
The most common golf bet – you chose the player you think will win the whole tournament. The odds on this kind of bet are usually quite high because in major tournaments there are a lot of players and it is hard to pick an outright winner. You can also back them each way, which will pay out if the player you picked finishes in the top five. This usually pays out at 1/4 of the odds and can be a sensible bet if the player is long odds but you think they have a chance.

Top 10 finish
Very straightforward for the AccaDoo golf betting guide to explain. This bet gives you more chance of winning – you pick a player you think will finish in the top ten of a tournament. This is good for those who think they have an outside chance of doing well.

Top player from a region
Again, if you want to improve your chances of winning, you can split them into their different regions of the world they are from e.g. you pick the top ranked player from either Europe, America, Australia or any other part of the world. So they don’t necessarily have to win the tournament but they have to be the top placed player from that region.

Round leader
Here you will bet on who will win a specific round. For example, if the players are setting out for their first round of 18 holes, you are betting on just those, rather than the whole tournament.

To make/miss the cut
Another easy one for the AccaDoo golf betting guide to explain. You simply bet on the players you think will make or miss out in the final stage to play a certain tournament.

Two/three chances to win
In order to double (or treble) your chances of winning, you could try picking two (or three) players who you think stand a big chance of winning the tournament come the end of it. Hedge your bets and go for this option.

Match handicap
Pick a player who you think will get the lowest score, against a handicap which is shown by the bookmaker.

Next hole score
A good, quick and simple in-play option is to bet on who you think will win on the next hole of the course.

Tee shot hits fairway
Bet on whether the ball will hit the fairway when taking a shot of the tee – a great fun way of betting in play and keeping the live action interesting.

Player to score a birdie

Often only available in-play, you can bet on a player to score a birdie on a certain hole. Have a look at their momentum and if they’re playing well then why not?

Three-ball/two-ball winner
In golf, players go out to play in groups of three and you can bet on the player to get the best score of the three players they are playing in.
After the cut, players go out in pairs, for this bet you pick the player out of the two you think will win the round so the odds might be less but higher chance of returning some money.

Hole in one
A good fun bet with large odds, you can bet on players to hit a hole in one on a certain hole. Maybe pick the shorter holes for this one!

To get some huge odds, you can bet on who you think will come first and second in a tournament.

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